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No Worries Water Heater

Rich Courtemache from Arlington, MA reported to Angies List

I called to replace a leaking 50 gal gas water heater. We had had good experience with Rheem, and wanted another one. I called and received an estimate of $1200, for parts and labor to install, and they could do it the same day. They came and installed the heater -- having to shorten a gas line, and extend a water line a little bit. They even installed an insulating water heater blanket that I had for me!It went very well. People were professional, cleaned up after themselves and did a good job overall.

Due to structural and piping issues, the overflow value was positioned in such a way that it is a little hard to get to, and the spigot for draining it is also a little hard to get to. I didn't realize this until later, so I can not blame them for not addressing the issue. They followed up with me via mail about a week later. We did have a small gas leak, that the gas company found. It was not from anywhere where they had cut pipes, all those connections were good, it was on the tank itself, one of the ferrules for the gas pilot tube was stripped, and needed some telfon tape and all was well. This I would classify as a defect in the tank from the factory...

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