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Robert Webber, Medford

At the beginning of the heating season in 2010, my fairly new gas heating boiler failed to start up when needed. I called in the original installer and he spent several hours trying to diagnose and repair the problem, ultimately failing to fix it.

Our cellar had flooded during 2010, and after trying the diagnostics and repair suggested by the boiler manufacturer, including replacing the control module. Nothing he tried would work, so he advised me that the problem might have been due to the flooding and suggested that I look into the possibility of having the boiler replaced under my insurance policy.

The original installer is a great guy and I would employ him again any time, but he was short on time, leaving on vacation, and honestly stumped by the problem. He did not charge me for the work.

I had worked with George Lucey before and been very happy with his approach, so I called him up to come in and try his hand. It was probably a mistake on my part to tell him what the other contractor had concluded rather than letting George figure it out for himself.

George Lucey took the boiler to pieces, including getting access to the inside of the combustion chamber, which involved freeing up some very-solidly stuck in place bolts which had blocked the first guy from proceeding any further. He was very thorough and after eliminating every other possibility he ordered up a replacement control module and gave that a try. Bingo!

If the cost I listed above for a heating boiler repair, I reckon that the false start due to whatever was wrong with the first guy's control module. As I said, I probably should have let George Lucey do his own thing. It would have taken him a lot less time and cost me less money. I've hired George Lucey for other projects before and since this one and he's almost painfully honest as well was extremely professional and very good at what he does.

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