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Price was fair

Excellent! He returned our call within two days and came that day with a replacement faucet with a separate sprayer hose. He was very cordial and we were very pleased. We felt his price was fair.

Good follow up

I have known Georges for many years. Since I rented for 8 years, I had not seen him but as soon as i bought my new home, I called him to do some maintenance on our furnace and to be advised to how to best maintain it in the future. We have steam heating in the house, hot water heating in the basement. Same professionalism, same punctuality, same clarity of explanation, same reasonably priced services, and good follow-up- George did call the day after to ask how things were going.

Would hire George again

A+ service. George fixed our problem on his first attempt. He knew exactly what was wrong and had all parts with him. He is professional, courteous, and punctual. I would hire George again and highly recommend him.

Very thorough

Robert Webber, Medford

At the beginning of the heating season in 2010, my fairly new gas heating boiler failed to start up when needed. I called in the original installer and he spent several hours trying to diagnose and repair the problem, ultimately failing to fix it.

Our cellar had flooded during 2010, and after trying the diagnostics and repair suggested by the boiler manufacturer, including replacing the control module. Nothing he tried would work, so he advised me that the problem might have been due to the flooding and suggested that I look into the possibility of having the boiler replaced under my insurance policy.

The original installer is a great guy and I would employ him again any time, but he was short on time, leaving on vacation, and honestly stumped by the problem. He did not charge me for the work.

I had worked with George Lucey before and been very happy with his approach, so I called him up to come in and try his hand. It was probably a mistake on my part to tell him what the other contractor had concluded rather than letting George figure it out for himself.

George Lucey took the boiler to pieces, including getting access to the inside of the combustion chamber, which involved freeing up some very-solidly stuck in place bolts which had blocked the first guy from proceeding any further. He was very thorough and after eliminating every other possibility he ordered up a replacement control module and gave that a try. Bingo!

If the cost I listed above for a heating boiler repair, I reckon that the false start due to whatever was wrong with the first guy's control module. As I said, I probably should have let George Lucey do his own thing. It would have taken him a lot less time and cost me less money. I've hired George Lucey for other projects before and since this one and he's almost painfully honest as well was extremely professional and very good at what he does.

Pleasant, efficient and professional

George and a colleague arrived on time, reviewed the work to be done, immediately got going on the jobs. George fixed all three issues, was pleasant, efficient and professional. Finding a good plumber whom one can trust and who is responsive is difficult, but we may have found one in George. I rated "pricing" as a B, primarily because I have little basis on which to evaluate price. (Although I do trust him overall to be fair, and this extends to pricing as well.)

George Is Old School - Hire Him If You Can

Don Stewart of Belmont, MA reported to Angies List

I have a two-family house. George installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink in one apartment and a new vanity in the other. He had help from another fellow to get the vanity in place (marble top, farmer sink), but for the rest he was alone. He is very concerned about neatness--good for both me and the tenant. He also kept the cost down by replacing only what was necessary, not like the other estimate I got. Punctual, honest, cheerful. I bought the vanity from another company, which was going out of business. It was a display model, and the drain pipe was not the right kind for the sink. George ordered a new one, but when it arrived it still was not right. I found the right one on the Internet, he confirmed it, and I had it shipped to his house, as I was going away for a few days. When I returned, the job was finished--beautifully. George is old school. Hire him if you can.

Would hire again

If I could give these guys an A+ I would. I called on a Monday holiday (after living with the problem for a day because I didn't want to incur Sunday charges) when they opened and one guy called and said he would be by early afternoon. A second guy called and I didn't realize he was from the same company so I said I was all set. When noon arrived and no word I called to find out my order had been cancelled because I said I was all set. Yikes! But no problem, they added me to their schedule and came by a few hours later. I don't remember his name now but I'll call him Mike. He was cordial, patient, thorough and worked quickly. Mike explained the problem -- turns out there was a blockage in the main pipe into the house caused by roots if you can believe it (turns out it is not an uncommon problem). it took a couple of noisy hours to snake the stuff out but at the end of the day my problem was solved (except for some cleanup on my part caused by the mess, not by Mike). Completely satisfied (and grateful), would hire again. Price was reasonable in my book.

All Vendors Should Be This Good!

Rob Flynn of Watertown, MA reported to Angie's List

From beginning to end, a great company. Always prompt on the phone, Lucey was the only company I got a quote from that actually gave me the exact model number of the water heater I was buying. A great price, they (two older, mellow guys) showed up when expected, were quiet, professional, and quick; about two hours from start to finish. You would never know there were there - no mess, footprints, etc. They also evaluated my gas furnace, and didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. At the end of the job, they showed me the features of the new water heater and were gone. All vendors should be this good.

George is fantastic

Rob Ehlert, Cambridge:  

Our project went in fits and starts as we made decisions and aligned contractors and George rolled with the punches. He was able to meet our schedule and deliver quality work. He offered many valuable ideas along the way - not just about plumbing. We are very happy with his work.

Sewage Pipe Repaired Better Than New!

Pete Downing from Belmont, MA reported to Angies List

George had to come in and repair a cracked sewage pipe that the kitchen sink drains into. The work required cutting out the old cast iron pipe, breaking the concrete floor (old house, so easy) and replacing the bad section of cast iron pipe with PVC piping. Emily was very responsive to the point that I sent an email on Sunday night and got a call at 8 am the next morning! I had a quote done and ready to go by end of day Tuesday. I schedule the work on the up-coming Friday. I would recommend this company to everyone!

Overall the work went very smooth! I was worried the work would entail more effort but George came in and everything went as planned! Work took around 4 hours to do and George cleaned up before he left! Our basement floor around the pipe look better than prior to the work! George even snaked the pipe to the main line just to make sure everything was fine.

It's nice to find someone ... as reliable as George Lucey.

Burton Holmes, Somerville: 

I've been relying on George Lucey for all of my plumbing needs for 13 years. He has done everything from repair a faucet, install a washer and dryer, to install a sump pump. When my ancient boiler developed a leak a few years ago, George said that while it could be repaired, I should consider replacing it with a high-efficiency model. He gave me a proposal with two options—a less expensive, less efficient unit, and a unit with 95% efficiency that I'd seen installed on a This Old House episode. I went with the high efficiency unit with programmable thermostats and not only are my fuel bills much less, but the heat is more evenly distributed. George provided all of the paperwork to get NStar rebates and tax deductions for installing the energy efficient boiler. There have been a couple of minor issues with the boiler, but George has been able to resolve them all, often at no charge.

Each job George has handled has been done professionally and for a reasonable price. He shows up on time (although at this point, I just leave my back door unlocked for him to do any work at a time that's convenient for him.) It's nice to find someone in the trades who is as competent and reliable as George Lucey.

Great Job!

March 11, 2009 - Laureen G from Cambridge, MA reported to Service Magic

Great Job!

Planning ahead

Everything went as planned, no problems. George also installed my heating system about 5 years ago (which is also still performing perfectly) and he planned for this in the future which made it really easy. When I was ready I just called and we went over the plan, George & Kevin showed up at the appointed time and finished up that day.


No Worries Water Heater

Rich Courtemache from Arlington, MA reported to Angies List

I called to replace a leaking 50 gal gas water heater. We had had good experience with Rheem, and wanted another one. I called and received an estimate of $1200, for parts and labor to install, and they could do it the same day. They came and installed the heater -- having to shorten a gas line, and extend a water line a little bit. They even installed an insulating water heater blanket that I had for me!It went very well. People were professional, cleaned up after themselves and did a good job overall.

Due to structural and piping issues, the overflow value was positioned in such a way that it is a little hard to get to, and the spigot for draining it is also a little hard to get to. I didn't realize this until later, so I can not blame them for not addressing the issue. They followed up with me via mail about a week later. We did have a small gas leak, that the gas company found. It was not from anywhere where they had cut pipes, all those connections were good, it was on the tank itself, one of the ferrules for the gas pilot tube was stripped, and needed some telfon tape and all was well. This I would classify as a defect in the tank from the factory...

Like a Plumber in the Family

 Having George as my plumber feels like having a brother who is a plumber (actually he is nicer than my brother...) George is a really good guy who really knows what he is doing.

Friendly and Helpful

February 17, 2009 - Karin Albers from Waltham, MA reported to Service Magic

Both the installer and your office staff were very friendly and helpful to work with. I would work with you again in the future.

Dog riding shotgun


He installed a dehumidifier in the basement, built a shelf for it, and attached a hose so that it would automatically drain into a sink. I have used George Lucey as a plumber for over ten years and have always been very happy with his work. He is very inventive about recycling old parts or interesting antiques to give his work a funky look and keep the price down. George has a lot of soul and you know it right from the moment when he drives up in his van with his dog riding shotgun.

Quality with Low Cost

My water heater was 11 years old, beginning to rust on the bottom. I decided to replace it before it became an emergency. I had called a top-rated Angie's List plumber, who quoted a figure twice the price that George quoted me. George was prompt, careful with the removal & replacement & answered all my questions.

This Old House

 February 16, 2010 - Chester King of Arlington, MA reported to Angies List

Installed two 40 gallon heaters, two gas boilers and piping. The work went very smoothly! The company dealt with a somewhat challenging old house and installed all of the items in good time. Knowledgeable master plumber, great pricing. At two months out, everything looks great.

Reliable and conscientious

George did a terrific job. Worked fast, but carefully, and for a very reasonable price considering everything that I needed done. Other estimates were well above his, and because I'd done some initial work myself, some of the other plumbers I met with spent more time focusing on what I'd done wrong than what it would take to get it  set up right. George came in, assessed what needed to be done very matter of fact, and got it done right. He showed up when he said he would, and accommodated our somewhat rushed schedule (we had plasterers coming the next day, and needed to get the plumbing done before). I'll definitely use him in the future and would recommend him with no reservations whatsoever.

George Lucey

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